Quality is the overarching value of Munich Motors, and we pride ourselves on installing reliable parts at affordable rates. Just as you don’t expect your lawyer to pay your home utility bills, we don’t expect you to pay ours—you’ll never get stuck with tacked-on fees for hazardous waste recycling, shop supplies, or the like. When you bring your car to Munich Motors, you only pay for the basics: parts, tax, and labor.

Parts: Knowing which manufacturers make reliable parts is crucial when repairing cars to last. Munich Motors has tried them all—from replicas to brand name items to manufacturer-stamped products—and we can help you get the best parts at the lowest price.

Tax: The normal tax rate.

Labor: Our rate is $110 per hour. It’s that simple. We’re not out to pull a fast one on our cherished clients, which is why we consult book times for most repairs. This ensures that everyone is charged the same price for the same repair. Some fixes do not have a standardized time—such as many electrical wiring problems— and those are billed by the hour.

Although Munich Motors specializes in the maintenance of German automobiles, the veteran mechanics are just as handy with Asian and domestic cars. If the problem is out of our capabilities, we can recommend another trustworthy shop or a reputable dealer.

Quality upholstery and bodywork require in-depth training and years of hands-on experience. Our mechanics aren’t able to mend torn cushions, repair hail damage, or But having spent twenty years in repair, we can suggest a number of highly-skilled professionals.

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